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Light Upon the Sea series

Light sets the rhythm of the day, from sunrise to sunset and into the dark of night. My friend is light, and in darkness you give me the opportunity to imagine the unknown.
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. Jacques Yves Cousteau
I, without a doubt, have a never ending “net of wonder” for the sea. It seemed perfectly natural to present my series “Light Upon the Sea” for this collective exhibition.
There is a powerful emotional response when I watch the ever changing interaction between light and the ocean. I find it mesmerizing to photograph and often take time to relax and watch the changing light, the patterns created by the flow of water and observe the reflections in the sand.
In my series “Light Upon the Sea” the morning light of the moon spreads its last glow across the dark black sea, laying a path to my feet. The light catches my eye again as the late afternoon clouds briefly open and scatter light rays randomly across the water, drawing me in with a desire to come closer. As I wander on I stop to watch the reflections blend with the sea and create interesting textures and shadows in the sand. I catch sight of a family enjoying a late afternoon walk on the beach. The moment captures a time of unity, contemplation, awe and peace.
This is a quiet place, giving me inspiration and a new perspective.

Barbara Beck

"Contemplation""Dawn Moon, La Jolla Cove""Moon Over Torrey Pines Natural Preserve""Ocean Blessings"