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In March 2020 all our lives came to a stop. Except for essential workers we were to remain at home. I’m retired, definitely not essential. Like many, my planned trips and workshops were cancelled. I coped well for about a year…completing projects around the house, taking Zoom classes, and walking every day. But one year later in March 2021 I was 2 months shy of turning 65, and didn’t qualify for the COVID vaccine. I felt as if my life was on ice, frozen. It was as if I had fallen through an ice-covered lake with no escape. I was languishing, not quite depressed, but certainly not flourishing. Even after finally receiving both my vaccine shots, I still had a reluctance to being around people indoors, except for close friends. It felt like I was peeking through openings in the ice, but not ready to embrace life returning to normal. There was a new threat, the COVID Delta variant and so many Americans not wanting to get the vaccine. This work reflects my state of mind and emotions from March through June 2021.

Tom Vancisin
"Frozen #1""Frozen #2""Frozen #3""Peeking Out" (Diptych)