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Tim Mantoani’s momentous project, Behind Photographs, is an exploration into the world's most important photographers and their defining images. While many of us are familiar with these images, chances are the image makers themselves are not readily recognized. In 2006 Mantoani embarked on a mission to make portraits of the world’s most influential photographers - each holding one of their iconic images. The idea alone was ambitious, but Tim set out to make these images on a 20x24 inch view camera with the legendary Polaroid film medium. The project culminated in 2011 with the publishing of Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends, a collection of over 150 portraits of the world’s most influential photographers, each immortalized in a one of a kind 20x24 inch Polaroid Print.

"Amy Arbus""Bill Eppridge""Charles Moore""Elliott Erwitt""Grant Brittain""Harry Benson""Herman Leonard""Lauren Greenfield""Mary Ellen Mark""Neil Leifer""Nick""Ralph Gibson""Timothy White"