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Artist Statement:

I have always desired my home to be my refuge and a place of solace. I use it to create, whether that be art, cooking, music, gardening or even home repairs. Even though these undertakings are positive, there are pit-falls, challenges and problems to solve along the path. The journey is educational, spiritual and simply food for the heart, mind and body.

While making my morning drip coffee, I noticed the patterns of the grounds forming in the filter cone were similar to the Suminagashi, “Floating Ink”, that I have been creating. I started photographing the cones as the water was filtering through. I picked a few interesting ones from over the next few days and pieced this image together.

Bird Pillow, Looking Out
This is the beautiful scene I experience every morning while drinking my coffee. Looking out to the garden and birds never loses its delightful influence on my morning.

Liquid Therapy

Dining Room Chair
Beautiful afternoon light and shadow.

All of these images were shot on my iPhone

Robert Barry
"Liquid Therapy" Stay-At-Home Series"Coffee-Nagashi" Stay-At-Home Series"Bird Pillow, Looking Out" Stay-At-Home Series"Dining Room Chair" Stay-At-Home Series