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When I travel, my camera is always at hand. I think the sound of the click of the shutter marks my soul, and years later, leaves the moment more vivid to my senses.

In my photographs of people, I try to capture a decisive moment when they reveal a bit of themselves, in the environment where they exist. In these encounters, I must be somewhat of a voyeur, but not an intruder. I try not to shoot until we have come to a silent agreement that I may. I make their images, as my way to share with others what I have been given by my subject and privileged to have witnessed.

I hope each of my photographs immortalizes an instant in which viewers can observe themselves in others’ realities. Look inside them and see what they represent.

Carla De Dominicis

"Indian Grandpa's Opium Den""The Guatemalan Shoemaker""The Thai Fishwife""Woman of the Thar Desert"