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Measured by Numbers: “Optimism”

Measured by Numbers:
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Archival Pigment Print on RR Metallic Luster Pearl

Print size: 18.25x12 Frame Size: 26x18
Price: $450

Portrait of Andi Van Heel: Optimism

We have three choices when faced with an obstacle: move forward, step back, or quit.

Being told of an incurable, often recurring illness that may cause severe pain, infertility, and possible life-threatening organ issues? It was: move forward or step back.

Quitting? It’s not truly an option any of us wish to face.

Step back? There is no stepping back once you’re told you have a condition. An illness. A disease. Growths. Pain. Adhesions. Medical procedures. Holistic care. Endless...There’s no turning around and hiding from this.

But move forward into what?

Grief. Anger. A struggle ahead. Yes, I’ll move forward into each of those. But...I, and others like me, shall continue to move forward. To move through all of that. And find something greater.

Strength. Purpose. Love. And each other.
I choose to live in Optimism.

Written by: Lisa Howard
Classic car provided by: Gary Randhahn
Location: provided by Gary and Barbara Randhah
Photoshoot assistants: Penny Kachuck, Barbara and Gary Randhahn
Measured by Numbers:  “Optimism”