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Measured by Numbers: "Solitude"

Measured by Numbers:
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Archival Pigment Print on RR Metallic Luster Pearl

Print size: 12x18.25 Frame Size: 18x26
Price: $450

Portrait of Brooklyn Benedix: Solitude

We have a chronic illness. Incurable. And for many, it has no name. The symptoms are considered the normal course of our congenital sex or we are labeled weak or incapable. It’s taboo to talk about the menstrual cycle, bowel issues, and in some households: pain. So, we are alone. In our agony. Unaware of a pending diagnosis. Ashamed or embarrassed. Some have gone decades without a diagnosis. Never knowing it was more than just...normal.

And one day, it has a name: Endometriosis. It affects nearly 176 million people worldwide. And yet, even with so many other sufferers, we often feel so alone. Fighting for proper healthcare or struggling to be understood and believed.

I am 1 in 10. We are a few of the 176 million.

And although we may sometimes feel alone, we must always remember that we are not.

Written by: Lisa Howard
Location and dress provided by: Brooklyn Benedix
Photoshoot assistant: Penny Kachuck
Measured by Numbers:  "Solitude"