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Measured by Numbers: "Endo Fog"

Measured by Numbers:
Endo Fog
Brandy Sebastian

Media: Archival Pigment Print on RR Metallic Luster Pearl

Print size: 18.25x12 Frame Size: 26x18
Price: $450

Portrait of Anonymous: Endo Fog

Pain. Not just any pain: intense pain. It strips us of our physical and mental capabilities.

Word finding? Cognitive function? Memory? Throw that all out the proverbial window. Sometimes the only thing a person can remotely focus on is the constant nagging stabbing pain. Nothing but fog and pain.
Pop a prescribed pill for that physical agony and we’re further thrust into a cocoon of sweet, oblivious haze. Further thickened by the soothing medicinal properties of a pill, a tincture, a drag...whatever numbs.

Data: missing. Personality: altered. Memories: gone.

With or without a painkiller, our gray matter is severely affected by the pain and stress this
illness manifests.

Brain fog is real.

Written by: Lisa Howard
Photoshoot assistant: Penny Kachuck
Measured by Numbers:  "Endo Fog"