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The four pieces I selected for this exhibition are from my series “Home Ground”. The work explores the connection I find in memories of my family’s rural Ohio farm and the ground I walk each day on our “home ground” here in Valley Center, California.

The pieces I chose for this show are reminiscent of my grandmother’s flower gardens surrounding the old farm house. Her gardens were rambling with a lovely wild feeling. They grounded the foundation of the old house and followed the paths bringing a natural beauty to the environment.

The plant material used in this work was gathered here at my home and selected as it triggered a remembrance from the past. The process used is wet cyanotype, which I hand colored to further enhance the subject.

This combination of cyanotype and the hand coloring with watercolor brings to life my aspiration to create art with my hands. The process is full of the wonder of letting go and not controlling the outcome.

Barbara Beck

"Wild Garden No. 1""Wild Garden No. 2""Night Garden""Untitled, 2022"