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Artist Statement:

I chose to photograph for “Night Walk” on the property I live on in the rural San Diego community of Valley Center.

I’m intimately familiar with this land in the day light hours, although as I wandered outside into the coolness of the night it was a uniquely different experience. Quiet, sensual, alluring, romantic, mysterious and spiritual. The air has an earthy richness enhanced by the damp, decaying vegetation along the stream.

I felt the natural time to photograph for this exhibition was during the full moon. The light is functional to light my way, and creates a mood which expresses more deeply how I feel about this place I call home.

In the series I chose the subjects that I love as much in the daylight as I do at night. My beautifully twisted tree, Silent Beauty, in its slowly decaying death. The night sky accenting its structure and the stars surrounding it were magnificent on the night I photographed. Agave americana and setting moon. Commonly known as century plant, the bloom rises dramatically from the earth twenty feet or more, it provides a resting place to owls and hawks in the daylight and on into the night. It was so beautifully accented by the setting moon against the distant hills.

The tools I used to create the images are: Long exposure, multiple bracketed layers, light painting, and fine art textures.

Barbara Beck
"Agave Americana and Setting Moon""Night Walk""Silent Beauty"