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Series: Craft

These images were made at the Hart Gold and Silversmiths Studio located in the Cotswolds, in the village of Chipping Campden, Glouchestershire, England. Located in this small village since 1902, the studio is a step back in time. What at first glance is a helter-skelter place, the studio produces exquisite articles in gold and silver for both church and home. Tools hang from every wall and cover every surface of time-worn workbenches. Old receipts of orders and completed work hang from the ceiling. Light streams from the windows and into the room, reaching old nooks, crannies and deep shadows that have been a part of this studio for a hundred years. The three silversmiths who were working there welcomed me in and permitted me to photograph their workshop as they were working. My heartfelt thanks go to each of them. The images shown here are a part of a larger portfolio entitled Craft, in honor of their stunning craftsmanship.

Jodie Hulden

"Craft Grid I""Craft Grid II"