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Artist Statement:

Valleys and Mountains

Consider what we can and cannot control within and outside of our physical self; action and thought process is theoretically controllable. The spinning of the earth, the vastness of space…not in our control.

The physically controlled movements of origami lead one to introspectionand the act of creasing and folding becomes a meditation. In my origami-like pieces the folded three-dimensional shapes along with the imagery is of equal importance in the way the final print is revealed. Within the valleys of the folds, we are forced to look deeper into what is hidden. Then rising towards a peak, our eyes are lead across the multiple folds as if staring into distant mountain ranges.

The process of folding is a dance. It is what my physical outward self is creating and what my inner mental self contemplates.

Brandy Sebastian
Valleys and MountainsValleys and MountainsValleys and MountainsValleys and MountainsValleys and Mountains