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The last thirteen months of the pandemic have really put a damper on my photographic output and my creativity.
My wife and I have taken social distancing very seriously and after the first few months of shooting portraits masked up and with a telephoto lens,
I even cut back on that.
I have turned inward and I've been working on my online print business and scanning negatives and transparencies and finally finished my Skateboarding coffee table book, "The Golden Years - 1980-1989".
I also purchased a nice quality printer and started printing images I had never seen on paper. There is no greater feeling to a photographer than making prints of their images, be it analog or digital, it gives them validity.
I have gotten out on a few photo excursions over the last year, usually to locations where other humans were scarce. A few weeks ago, we took a quick trip out to Borrego Springs to get outside and enjoy the expanse of the desert. I ended up not shooting desert-scapes that I had foreseen, but instead ended up shooting an old abandoned building on the Inside where artists had kindly left their art for me to document.

Grant Brittain

"Borrego Cat""Borrego Flag""Borrego Love""Borrego Peeled Heart"