This exhibition is Rittermann’s inaugural showing of his most recent work. This exhibition includes light boxes, projections and large prints from his spatially and temporally layered imagery.

About the work Rittermann says:
“What might it look like if we could hold day and night, summer and winter, the presence and subsequent absence of something in a single gaze?
These are the questions that led to the work in this exhibition, playing at the intersection of sight, time, and memory. Using projectors, prints and layered light boxes, the work straddles expanses of time the human gaze can’t accommodate.”

-Philipp Scholz Rittermann
"Trailhead, Capitol Reef, UT, USA, 2019""Windmills, Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA, 2019""Cottonwood, Capitol Reef, UT, USA, 2019""60M Road, Telluride, CO, USA, 2018 & 2019""Untitled 01""Untitled 02""Untitled 03""Untitled 04"