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"Dome Fire Relics 1""Dome Fire Relics 1"Dome Fire Relics 1
Donna Cosentino

Media: Archival Pigment Print on Moab Estrada
Price: $125
I’m what you might call a ‘happy camper’. My greatest joy is to go off in my Jeep alone and find a lonely space in the desert to set up my tent and take in the quiet and freedom of my solitude. My favorite place to do this is the East Mojave Preserve…the Lonesome Triangle…bordered by Hwy 15 on the north and Hwy 40 on the south. On the west you’ll find ZZYZX, and in the east the New York Range. To me it is a beautiful and serene wildland described as a “diverse mosaic of ecological habitats…”

In August of 2020 a lightning-started fire burned through the Joshua Tree forest and consumed seventy square miles on and around the Cima Dome. It is estimated the Dome fire consumed 1.3 million Joshua Trees and they are unlikely to recover. I returned later that year to see the sad damage. It was heart-breaking. I determined to help where I could and volunteered a few days the following spring to plant seedling Joshua Trees in the Cima Dome burn area. These photographs were made during that time.

Donna Cosentino

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