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Prior Work: Transitions

Artist Statement:
Inspired by my mother as she gracefully made her final transition into death, I began to ponder meanings related to specific passages in people's lives. The project started with documenting my mother and details alluding to her personal experience. Then, as I emerged from a place of grieving, I looked outward and became aware of a multitude of personal stories that were going on around me.

A friend and her husband were divorcing. Someone else was facing chronic illness. A child was about to enter kindergarten. Another person was facing issues of sexual identity. I became increasingly interested in expressing, through photography, the various ways people experience transition.

This series focuses on a group of individuals, each going through a time of significant adjustment or change in circumstance. Locations were selected that had particular relevance to each person's situation. My intent was to create meaningful connections between the portrait subject, the viewer and myself as photographer.

Each image illuminates a moment along a segment of time in a personal journey. The series was made to honor the individual struggles each of us faces, and to bring to light both the diversity and commonality of the human experience.

"Aiden" Transitions Series"Aixa" Transitions Series"Aubrey" Transitions Series"Cole" Transitions Series"Doug" Transitions Series"Jessiah" Transitions Series"Julia" Transitions Series"Kenneth" Transitions Series"Kitty" Transitions Series"Peter" Transitions Series"Rocco" Transitions Series"Rosa" Transitions Series"Shani" Transitions Series"Zach" Transitions Series