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Marv Sloben

Artist Bio:

Originally from New York, Marv has lived in California for twenty-five years. Ten of the past years here in San Diego. After finishing his education at Brooks, in Santa Barbara his first job was in the photo studio of Neiman Marcus in Texas. From there he moved to Florida to work for the State Department of Commerce taking pictures of the activities and scenic landscapes. He missed California and moved back with his wife Diane and son Matt to settle here. Establishing his own studio in North Park in the early 80’s.

Marv specializes in Fine Art photography for galleries and collections. Providing photos for architects, interior designers and corporate installations. You have probably seen his pictures in the San Diego lifestyle magazines. and the U-T. He gets to travel around the Southwest for some of his clients so he considers these a working vacation. Marv taught photography at San Diego City College for 15 years, and has won many awards in competitions.

Artist Statement:

Light is the foundation of the Art of Photography. In these two example of both color and black & white. The series of colorful Havana Rooftops expresses the nature of Cuban life and the use of color in their surroundings. The second series is about the life that Nature provides to our planet. Shot in infra-red Black & White, these images express the variety of the Natural World.

Marv Sloben
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