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Member Photographer
Marie Keech

Artist Bio:

After many years of travel and work in the fields of industrial chemistry, research librarianship and landscape design, Marie, now retired in San Diego, has returned to fine art photography as her creative outlet, the medium for expressing her deep interest in the aesthetics of modern architecture In urban environments.

Her earlier work is mostly B&W series of abstract images. More recently, she has experimented both with overlaying several images to create her own new graphic prints, and with themes expressing either relationships between music and architecture, or with borrowing and manipulating certain modernist artists’ iconography to produce colored geometric works.

Marie has had her work published in Lenswork’s Annual Juried publication ‘Seeing in Sixes’, and several issues of Black and White magazine. Her work has been shown nationally in the PhotoPlace Gallery, VT, Luxe Gallery, the Athenaeum’s Annual Juried Exhibition, The Center for Photographic Art (Carmel) Annual Juried Exhibition, and internationally, in Barcelona, Spain in the 6th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.

Artist Statement:

For those of us who live in cities, we are surrounded by architecture, some old, some new. Much of it is ordinary, developers’ dreams of concrete and glass or dreary suburban blight, but some is uplifting and awe inspiring and it is that, or part of it, that holds my eye. I like to capture the light, space, geometric forms, textures and patterns, to present them separately or blended together to create something, that I hope, lifts the spirit of the viewer.

Marie Keech

"Salt Lake City Natural History Museum""Los Angeles""Abstract Art, Boston""San Diego""Peterse Museum, Los Angeles""World Trade Center, New York""Abstract Art, LACMA, Los Angeles""Abstract Art, Miami""Venice Biennale, 2018"