In my mind, if a photograph needs words to understand it, it has failed. Perhaps I’m more of a photographer and less of an artist, at least in the current age. I’ve learned what I know by seeing and doing, trusting my subconscious to lead me where I need to go. I’m drawn to all aspects of photography that allow me to see the world in ways my eyes alone cannot.

Personal reaction to The Sequester
This is undoubtedly a pivotal period in everyone’s lives. We can think of it as BC and AC. In what could have been a time to focus on the work, I have had to keep up on the sad progression of news revealing not only that our current President and his sycophants are terribly inept, but actually criminally malicious. I’m not one to work on a project out of anger, so my time has been spent learning the wet plate collodion process, catching up on processing recent (in the last year) images and shooting the emergence of spring around the house as an antidote to the negativity that surrounds me. Having 3 risk factors keeps me stewing at home for the most part. My photography then is my antidote and salvation.

Will Gibson

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