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Personal Inventory
“A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it.” — George Carlin

During the course of our lives, we collect a lot of stuff. Souvenirs from special times. Gifts from friends. Things that resonate with us for reasons we can’t always explain. Yet the stuff remains on a mantle or shelf, in a closet, in a box in the garage . . .

Over time, we become snowblind to our stuff. Then something happens. Like, say, a global pandemic that forces everyone inside our houses for the duration.

What to do? Why not look around at all the stuff that has been hiding in plain sight. Rediscover the stuff that defines you, or reveals you. That marks notable events in your life. That reminds you of your own interests and sensibilities. That simply provides a nostalgic moment. Or that tells you it’s time to finally throw some crap away.

Sheltering in place has given me that chance to rediscover myself and reconnect with my past. Welcome to my world, through my stuff.

Wayne Swanson

Wayne Swanson "Books"Wayne Swanson "Stuff"