I knew right from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, that the only way I could stay sane was to create a photo project. I began what I call my Sequestered Series.
Taking photographs every day, I choose one and post on my Instagram page: . I am a fine art photographer captivated by light. My work spans 3 decades of creating photographic art using 35mm, Holga, Dianna, and Pinhole cameras. As you will see on my Instagram account and the images I will provide for you, that I am driven by romantic impressionism. I make photographs because I am drawn to the intrinsic beauty of light. How it creates shadow and accents darkness.

As an art therapist and a photographer, I am acutely conscious of the creative process. My work is clearly about that process and the working through of personal memories and present events.

I have chosen these images carefully. I believe they capture the isolation, but also the comfort I have found through my photography during this time of Covid-19.

Jett Saracheck

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