Trapped: Living through a Pandemic

The Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly and has taken a lot of lives. Throughout this time, I’ve felt lonely, unsafe, and trapped. I’m at high risk because I have a heart disease and this has made my experience throughout this pandemic very hard to deal with. I have felt alone because the people I live with aren’t at high risk so they don’t understand how I feel about this. I feel unsafe because they are still working and that puts my life at risk every day. I feel trapped because I’m unable to see my family throughout this time and all I want to do is feel their comfort. I feel the most trapped because I’m locked in a house with just my mind as my company and all I do is get lost in it. Why must this situation affect me so much? Do I fear death? I wonder, what if I do die? I am trying to fight the urge to think of these questions but the more I see these negative outcomes, the more I see myself have a negative outcome.

Elizabeth Garcia

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