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A Developing Crisis explores my personal experiences with the current events brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The underlying issue of a global health crisis is one that affects many communities and individuals around the world. This work touches on society, personal anxieties, residual effects of a health crisis, memory, and potential viral contaminations. This project juxtaposes personal reflection with photographs structured as diptychs to illustrate the divergent elements of internal feelings against external perceptions.

This project also expands on my investigation of the passage of time and the issues of reality and memory, and the contradictions where these intersect. I use expired 120mm analog film as a physical representation for past experiences. The unpredictability of the expired film provides parallels to the inexactitude of memory, and the decay of the film corresponds with the decomposition of past experiences.

The layered narratives are a response to a combination of current circumstances; a community that continues to be impacted by a pandemic, governmental agencies encrypting the facts about potential dangers, anxiety brought on by the unknown, and the transitional nature of memory over time in the face of an unknown future.

Douglas Stockdale

Douglas Stockdale "Anxiety"Douglas Stockdale "Awareness"