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A Long History Of Dark Sleep:

Anxiety and insomnia self-portraits in the pandemic of COVID-19
In this time of Covid-19, I sleep alone but fear is my lover. We embrace fretfully and stare at the ceiling. At this late hour there is no one to call, all the lines are dead and the buses have stopped running. This is my chance to record anxiety, to photograph the noir that surrounds me and find some truth and perhaps beauty in the dead of night. The camera comes to bed with me and a flashlight is my light-source.

I have never liked being photographed. A series based on self-portraits could not have happened until this moment in time. Coming face to face with potential death carried on the breeze by an invisible agent has the power to propel me to self-examination in spite of distress. My aim is fretful, the focus unsteady. It's all about chance, isn't it, what the lens captures, who gets the virus.

I photograph myself using the Hipstamatic Tintype App on my Ipad in bed at night using a flashlight as a lightsource.

Diane Fenster

Diane Fenster "Covid19.06"Diane Fenster "Covid19.17"