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Artist Bio:

Cora Angel is a photography student currently obtaining her Bachelor of Science at Northern Kentucky University. She was born in the Cincinnati area, where she is currently based.
Heavily inspired by social documentary, Cora’s work frequently addresses issues in mental illness and dependency. Many of her recent projects focus on self-reflection and how we are affected by our upbringing. Cora’s photographs illustrate her struggles with identity and her growing relationship with her family and community.
Cora is a full-time student and works for St. Elizabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Her ongoing ongoing self portrait projects depict her life as it continues to evolve. We’ve Never Met But You See Me Every Day, is a self documentary project addressing issues faced by healthcare workers in the midst of an epidemic, as well as the personal challenges of an isolated home life during a quarantine. Cora has committed to making photographs of herself in and around her home, every day and sharing it with her community to send a message of unity during a time of social segregation.
Cora Angel "All of My Time and Effort"Cora Angel "Silent as Light"