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Artist Statement:

Though the COVID-19 pandemic situation has been the morning coffee of every citizen in the world, a series of other inevitable crisis mount onto the lives of many people. This photographic series is about my crisis. It’s about liberating the feelings of anger and sadness through poetic photography after a traumatic period in which I was a victim of domestic violence in the middle of this global emergency. The embedment of poems into each photograph is the representation of the feelings and thoughts that haunt every second of my life. This, to a certain extent, deprives the viewer of self-interpretation, because unlike other work, this is one I would like to portray concretely, with the goal to create for the viewer the visual representation of the suffering a victim of violence undergoes and that in effect, the viewer rise to action against these unjustified acts.

Carla Perez
Carla Perez "Solitude"Carla Perez "Two Bags And A Chest"