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For All Our Relations

We are living in such an inauspicious time where information changes moment by moment and a virus can sweep across the globe in a matter of days. It’s not easy to explain the overwhelming feeling of something you just have to do. You’re uncertain why, you just know every part of your mental, emotional, and spiritual self is pushing you towards this thing. For me, during this time was creating masks by the hundreds. Masks for those that didn’t have the means to attain the supplies they needed now! Since COVID-19 a community of people with like minds from family, friends, and strangers have come together to aid me in this endeavor. As of May 1, 2020, donations of money in exchange for homemade masks, fabric, and thread helped to supply enough materials to create over 1300 masks. Most of which have been donated by the hundreds to the Sioux, Navajo, and Hopi Nations as well as the Chemehuevi Diabetes Department. We are by no means done, but feel fulfilled knowing that we are helping one mask at a time.

Brandy Sebastian

Brandy Sebastian "Limited Space, Sewers Only Please"Brandy Sebastian "Our Gift to You"