We were a few days into the COVID-19 shutdown of California and the corresponding requirement to shelter-in-place. Within minutes an approaching springtime storm produced these clouds. Sitting on my porch, I didn’t have time to do anything but pick up my phone and make these photographs. It was all over in less than three minutes. (The adage about the “best camera” was once again reinforced.)

In the last few weeks of quarantine I’ve struggled to understand why I was wholly compelled to photograph these storm clouds over our canyon. The sunlight and clouds seemed at once to be in a violent struggle for control of the skies, and also in a beautiful dance. Yet, the dance was destined to end with the irrepressible Pacific storm off the coast.

Though I’m sure there is more to learn, that day, for those few minutes, the clouds and sun mirrored what was happening in me as my heart and mind struggled, and danced, to reconcile the inexorable impact of this disease on the world and my art.

Bob Younger

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