On March 16, I fled my apartment in Brooklyn, NY and drove 7 hours to stay with my mother and stepfather in Ohio for an uncertain amount of time. I haven’t been home for more than a week in 3 years and I will probably end up being here for 9 weeks.
Throughout my life, my mother has been the only consistency but our relationship has been reduced to weekend visits and phone calls. Instead of squeezing every second out of a day before one of us has to leave the tomorrow, I can recall what it’s like to coexist with her. These images are a visual representation of getting to know my mother once more. I have missed seeing my mother age and grow in her new marriage. She has missed seeing me blossom into a woman. I’m trying to break down her walls, explore her body, and find my place in her life again; while also finding independence and strength in myself. Who am I? How does my mother inform who I have become? What does our relationship look like now that I am an adult? May the answers be found in these images.

Ashley Markle

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