A Walk on the “tame” side

Since this period of “lock down” started, I followed the rule of staying at home and confining myself to walks in the neighborhood. But I am a “people” photographer and was, all of a sudden, deprived of my favorite subjects. I also felt too timid to go to hospitals, retirement homes, places where I would find people directly involved with documenting people on the front line. Not being a photojournalist I thought I would mostly be in the way.

On my neighborhood walks I started observing plants in front yards. And all of a sudden, though I never took an interest in that subject matter before, I felt that it challenged me with a novel experience. All kinds of forms kept popping up. I decided to approach it with a different attitude/point of view as well. I did not attempt to be “representational” but instead PLAY with forms, light and abstractions. If nothing else, it turned out to be a lot of fun in stretching my photographic vision.
They were all shot with a small point and shoot. Thank you.

Annie Lemoux

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