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Poppy's Heart

Spring 2020 has been a variable roller coaster of emotions for myself along with every other individual under mandatory stay at home orders. There are different degrees of severity, depending on how you look at it, or what your actual situation is. The hard part is reminding yourself to get creative, and then push yourself even a bit further to make it all that much more special. I chose my macro lens and the Cyanotype process as my vehicles for creating a timeless, one of a kind art piece. When I use macro, I find it easier to concentrate on what is in front of me with virtual horse blinders on. Once you lose yourself in a subject and go really close, you begin to notice more nuance and detail, and you can forget about what's going on around you. I knew this particular image was the image that I wanted to go one more creative step forward with by taking the process from digital, to chemical from the comfort of my home

Andrea Matthies

Andrea Matthies "Poppy's Heart"