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With an artist’s touch, a photograph can move beyond reality. This collection of images relies on a variety of creative twists and techniques that bend perception and allow space for the imagination. Animals live in a delicate, fantasy world, antiques become animated and landscapes blossom with unexpected texture and color.

The exhibition’s unity comes from my creative choices as the photographer and image maker. Interpretation is heightened using hand-applied paints and inks or by embracing the sooty, raw low-resolution images from a trail camera. When viewed side-by-side, a theme begins to emerge.

Reality is enriched with strange symbolism. As authentic detail falls away, a unique fantasy emerges brimming with forgotten dreams and fresh revelations.

Jill Skupin Burkholder

"Altai Mountain Vista Mongolia""Boys Swimming Off Abandoned Dock, Cuba""Wooden Bridge, Mongolia""Coyote, Catskills""Running Deer, Catskills""Little Bear, Catskills""Rabbit, Catskills""Three Raccoons, Catskills""Haystacks, Romania""Marching Bears in the Woods, Romania""Pig and Wardrobes""The Stationmaster""Cathedral Chair, Prague""Three Beds, Terezin"