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Member Photographer
Jacob McDermott

Artist Bio:

Hi, my name is Jacob McDermott. I am a San Diego State University graduate. I have received a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Furthermore, I recently graduated with an Associate's Degree in Photography. My art practices include photography, screen printing, digital art, logo design, and experiential design. Photography has always been a passion, and I like to shoot both digital and film photography. I recently got more into film photography and discovering pushed film has been life-changing. I needed to get the hang of pushing film to help me develop my visual identity. I take inspiration from experimental photography and shoot more with 35mm black and white film. My subject matter is typically surreal or moody, focusing on atmospheric landscapes and still-life subjects. I love collecting old cameras and experimenting with photography. I am still learning as I go.

Artist Statement:

This black-and-white film photography series showcases the real world by demonstrating the grittiness of real life. These photographs symbolize beauty hiding in imperfection by showcasing the essence of a frozen moment. The high contrast style, captured through the unique grain style, has been obtained through black and white pushed film. The remarkable effects in the shadows and highlights display dramatic lighting to emulate the chiaroscuro effects of renaissance paintings. This compositional style is achieved by carefully selecting the lighting and environments the subjects are in and using a push processing method when developing. The primary subject matter consists of abandoned or damaged areas, while the other case has an abstract meaning. Many recurring visual elements display decay, surreal lighting, grittiness, or space. This display invokes feelings of abandonment, melancholy, loneliness, and caution. Although these emotionally charged themes suggest gloominess and despair, they are also a narrative. The narrative suggests that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Jacob Mcdermott
Instagram: @jacob_c_mcdermott

"Lost""Chiaroscuro""Coverage""Vacant""Enjoy the Moment""Chained""Pathway""Corridor""Nightlight"