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Extended Frame
Exploration of memory, displacement and photographic truths

In the often chaotic and overwhelming pace of life, I use my camera to create a visual diary of the places and experiences that have been imprinted on my psyche. In Extended Frame™, I look for singular moments that can be combined to convey the complexity of everyday life. These individual photographs - and the subjects within them - are placed in conversation with each other to explore dichotomies of public vs. private, unity vs. isolation, the collective vs. the individual. The resulting scenes transport the viewer to new, imagined environments even as visual inconsistencies disrupt the illusion where two frames meet. Simultaneously both distinct and interlinked, these images reveal unexpected connections, challenging our idea of what is real and reflecting on the unpredictable, idiosyncratic, and inscrutable nature of the human experience. Images taken since the outbreak of the coronavirus reflect the pandemic’s stark impact on my city of Los Angeles as our community grapples with the implications of being alone together.

Ellen Friedlander

"Aswan Market""Bird Market""Breakfast In Sheung Wan""It's A Mao Kind Of Day""It's Just Life""Just A Normal Day""Ladder Street""Marilyn In Hong Kong""Pee Wee In Hollywood""Sweeping""That Smile""The Pause""The Wall""Union Station""Who Is Watching Who"