When the concept of this show first came into my head I was truly looking for a way to engage photographers during this dark time. The pandemic of COVID-19 set many of my photographer friends adrift. All seemed to be looking for a way to express their fears and depression or to work their way out of those feelings through their photography. An online exhibition felt like the right answer. Plus, it helped ME focus on something positive.

Looking at the results has been gratifying. Folks were happy to be given a place to Director's Statement: Donna CosentinoDirector's Statement: Donna Cosentino
share their feelings against the backdrop of their lives. Themes of Hope, Fear, Isolation, Escape, Home, and Self-examination showed up directly and through metaphor.

Entries came in from across the US and from Europe as well, and I must say the talent that is ‘out there’ never surprises me. As a gallery director committed to the promotion of the art and craft of photography and to the education of a wider audience, this challenge hit all my marks. Imagination, skill and thoughtful expression were seen throughout the image entries we received. A democratic competition, photographers from student to professional to fine artist, entered their work.

Philipp Scholz Rittermann, our juror, did an exceptional job. Approximately one third of all photographs received are included in our on-line exhibition. And approximately one third of those appear in our catalog. His task was not easy but he described it as fun…he enjoyed seeing the unique interpretations from all the entrants. Philipp c hose the award winners, and I was fortunate to be able to freely select the honorable mentions.

I’d like to thank The Photographer’s Eye Collective for their support and encouragement in this endeavor. I would particularly like to thank Brandy Sebastian for the tireless hours she gave to all aspects of mounting this online show…her suggestions throughout the process, working through the web kinks, and finally, for the brilliant design of the show’s on-line presentation.

Thanks to all of YOU who felt the need and desire to show us your photographs. I hope it helped to lift you just a little.

Stay healthy.

Donna Cosentino