Mixing the Old with the New
by Dan Burkholder

Artist Statement:
The prints in this exhibition include early platinum/palladium prints made in 1984 to recent gilded photos printed on voluptuous vellum. As the human element becomes more prominent in my newest work, you'll find work from Cuba and Mongolia. Trying to bring the same compositional formality I use for landscapes to these latest photos, harmless and old, you are perceived as non-threatening - almost invisible - making the act of photographing that much easier.

Historically, I am more concerned with the emotional honesty than the literal honesty in photography. I strive to create photographs that act as an expressive launching pad, always leaving room for viewers to complete the visual voyage, to form an interpretive narrative of their own. And yes, this means I take liberties with the subject and its treatment. The amount of enhancement I impart to an image depends on the subject, the mood I'm working to construct, and possibly how much caffeine I've consumed during the day.

Dan’s Approach:
“I’m constantly looking for new approaches, subject matter and chemical or digital technologies that push me into the next exciting and beautiful way to express the photographic image. Engaging both archival inks and precious metals in my prints, I try to meld modern technology with classic aesthetics to capture my surroundings, making the final print a reflection of both my personal vision and photography’s ever-evolving path.”


Dan Burkholder Workshops
Thursday September 14th, 2023 through The Photographer's Eye Collective
"Fire Breather, Trinidad, Cuba""Flatiron in Spring, New York""Stand of Trees, Texas""Trees and Truck at Midnight, Texas""Tree in April Snow, Catskills""Three Trees near Water, Hudson River Valley""Hay Bales at Edge of Woods, Catskills""Cabins under Blue Moon""Eagle Hunters with their Horses, Mongolia""Men and Boy by Horse Stables, Mongolia""Horse Roundup on Steppe, Mongolia""Barbershop at Night, Havana, Cuba""Jeannette", #1 in a Series"Farmer on Horse Cart, Cuba""Castle, Segovia, Spain"