OUR GALLERY COLLECTIVE MEMBERS ONLY are given exclusive use of the darkroom close to 24/7.  The only exception is the Darkroom Club times on Wednesdays from 6:00pm-10:00pm and Sundays from 10:00am-2:00pm. Darkroom Club members have 24 hours to cancel. If slots become available on Club days and times, you'll be able to come on in. We ask Collective Members to sign in so that we can keep track of darkroom/chemical use. Check out the interactive calendar below and schedule today!




Film Development

  • Three enlargers each with capability of up to 4x5
  • 2 Simmons Omega D2 with Schneider, Rodenstock, El Nikkor lenses 
  • 1 Devere with built in filters, ability to make up to 16x20 enlargements, all lenses
  • All neg carriers plus 4x5 glass neg carriers
  • Saunders Omega 11x14 easels at each position + a  variety of  smaller easels
  • complete sets of multigrade filters for D2s
  • grain focuser
  • image focuser
  • accurate electronic timers
  • foot pedal available 
  • paper cutter
  • air drying print racks
  • all chemicals including Dektol, fixer, stopbath, archival print wash
  • upright archival print washers
  • 16x20 mountpress
  • you just bring your negatives and paper
  • someone on duty to help you

  • Film Changing/loading Tent
  • Developing tanks: 8ou, 16ou, 32ou
  • 1 4x5 Swedish-made Combi tank, 6 sheets at a time
  • Pro 35 stainless steel reels, 120 stainless reels, 220 stainless reel
  • Patterson plastic tanks and reels 
  • 3 positions for film development
  • 3 upright circular washers 
  • 3 GraLab timers
  • Chemicals on hand: D-76, Kodak Fixer, stopbath (if you use) and PhotoFlo
  • Film dryer and Kimtech film wipes
  • Light table, magnifier, scissors, + negative sleeves available for sale