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Amy Caterina is an artist living in Southern California who spends her days fawning over her prize winning wiener dog Walter, growing her Mohawk, and teaching the Youth of America. If you ever need a photograph of an out of focus desert suburbia or a giant cupcake bunker (free instructions on how to survive the apocalypse!) she’s your gal.
Amy received her BFA in Photography from Buffalo State College, and her MFA in Photography from CSU Fullerton.
Amy’s exhibition experience is

She is an Adobe Certified Teacher and Education Leader. She teaches History of Photography, Digital Photography and Digital Darkroom at Palomar College kin San Marcos where she is the head of the Photography department.

This series of Polaroids is a continuation of the portfolio I began in January 2017. My first residency at the Fish Factory in East Iceland was in the winter, when the light appeared dimly between 11- 4pm and then settled into the dark. I returned to the residency this June to experience the endless days of light. The quality of light was as unnerving and foreign as my first visit, but this time had an uneasy luminosity that shone continuously for my two weeks stay.

This portfolio is a study of the light, and how a place can be defined in a non-representational manner. The stitch work grounds the images of a landscape that felt overpowering in scale and dominance. I am interested in how the tactile markings and thread draw attention to the image’s surface, and work with the compositional elements to create a new topography. The landscape is its own foreign language with its own ubiquitous power, something there as its own element that’s not easy to define and you have to be sensitive enough to acknowledge it. This work is also a collaboration: between a 45-year old camera and myself, the necessary beauty of imperfections and the permission to play.

Amy Caterina

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