A Brief Intro to Experimental Darkroom Photography:

Photograms Made Sans Enlarger with


Kimberly- Schneider_Multiple Fractures-photogram made sans enlarger - made with ice, ice-concoctions, sand, flowers, and glitter_2Kimberly- Schneider_Multiple Fractures-photogram made sans enlarger - made with ice, ice-concoctions, sand, flowers, and glitter_2

“Multiple Fractures”                                          ©Kimberly Schneider

Course Description:

This brief class will introduce participants to new ways of looking at, as well as making, photographs. Working with materials that can literally be found in one’s kitchen, backyard, or local grocery store, students will be encouraged to experiment, as they learn to make beautiful one-of-a-kind silver gelatin prints with handheld light sources.


*All levels are welcome (prior printing experience is helpful, but not required). Experimentation is encouraged.



Date: JULY 19th 2023

Time: 2:30-5:00pm (Subject to change)

Class Fee: $80 (No Available Discounts)


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  • We will provide photographic paper and materials to work with including ice(!) which Kim uses.
  • You may bring your own materials as well.  A list will be sent once you register on line.



                    KIMBERLY SCHNEIDER



Kimberly Schneider is a Visual Artist, Educator, and Master Printer who has been dedicated to the art of handmade (darkroom) print for the past 20+ years. Specializing in true infrared film, spiritual landscapes, and experimental photograms, she holds a BFA in photography (and a minor in philosophy) from Colorado State University; While both are deeply intertwined, she identifies as a Printer more than anything else.

Her current occupation was actually a silver lining of Covid, as she is (new) faculty at ICP, has taught remotely via Penumbra Foundation, and is currently working on some collaborations with other (analog-friendly) organizations. She also happens to have a darkroom in/taking over her apartment, where she teaches remotely, prints all of her personal work, and occasionally prints for other artists/enthusiasts.

Kimberly exhibits her personal work regularly and has received several awards for her Covid-born photograms.

Her silver gelatin prints have been exhibited domestically at Scott Nichols Gallery, Photo Forward Los Angeles, The Camera Obscura Gallery, San Diego Art Institute, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Stonehenge Gallery, Art Intersection, ZIA Gallery, Photo Méthode Gallery, among other art galleries; On the international front, Kimberly exhibited a selection of award-winning work in the 6th and 7th Biennial(s) of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, at FotoNostrum Gallery (in Barcelona). She has also shown in Ireland, as well as virtually at The Louvre.

She was thrilled to have work in Center for Photographic Art’s recent (online) juried member exhibition (and catalog) - and honored that her photogram, “Multiple Fractures,” was one of only 45 images selected for the show (out of nearly 2,200 submissions!), by guest juror, Hamidah Glasgow. Her work also recently placed Honorable Mention, via LA Photo Curator’s Surrealism competition, which was juried by Lori Pond.

Kimberly looks forwards to the in-person debut of “Multiple Fractures,” at The Photographer’s Eye Collective in Escondido, California; The exhibition opens on July 8th and is up through the 29

[Additional recent awards include Honorable Mention in the 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Runner Up (to the Series Winner) in the 17th JMCAs, 3rd Place in the 16th JMCAs, Honorable Mention via the (16th) Pollux Awards, and Honorary Spider Fellow (Nominee) via the Black and White Spider Awards.]