I am a fine art photographer based in San Diego. After graduating from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, I spent many years as a writer who also did some photography. Now I’m a photographer who also does some writing. My photography has been exhibited nationally and featured in publications including Shots Magazine, The Hand Magazine, Lenscratch, Rfotofolio, and the photobook California Love.

I like to look at the familiar with fresh eyes, searching for the wonder in the ordinary. Then I find a means of presentation that suits my subject. That could mean single images, composites, grids, or 3-dimensional objects. The output could be analog or digital prints, Polaroids, or image transfers. My interests range from shapes and forms, architecture, and landscapes to the highly personal. I’m drawn to imagery related to time, memory, atmosphere, a sense of place, and a subtle sense of humor.

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