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ITEM 22: "Our Mothers’ Pitchers (1)" by Louise Russell


Our Mothers’ Pitchers (1), 2022
Louise Russell
Media: Color Digital Print with White Gold Leaf on Vellum

Print Size: 5.75"x3.75" Framed 13.5"x11.5"
Valued: $250
Starting Bid: $100

Artist Bio:
Louise searches for places and scenes that express open and unconditional time, where the past, present, and future may be felt. She frames when this combined time and a respect for the living earth and the gifts that the land gives come together. Sometimes these spaces point to the troubles of the place and our engagement with it. Her work has been influenced by Environmentalism, Buddhism, Beauty and her love of Nature.
Louise is a photo-based fine artist who photographs with an 8 x 10-inch pinhole and digital cameras producing silver gelatin, inkjet prints, and gold leaf prints on paper vellum. Her work has been featured on, presented at Open Show San Diego, 2018, and been exhibited at Photographer's Eye Gallery, Escondido, CA, Soho Photo Gallery, Size Matters Medium Festival, Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, PhotoPlace, and other galleries.
While she has always photographed, she had a career in education and educational software. She has an MA in Educational Technology and was an adjunct instructor of photography at Grossmont College for a few years. She is a member of Snow Creek Collective and San Diego River Artists’ Alliance.

I acknowledge that the land where I produce my photographs is the unceded, traditional territory of the Kumeyaay Band of Nations, and the land where this image was photographed is the land of the Northern and Southern Tewa.

Louise Russell

Starting Bid $100

ITEM 22: "Our Mothers’ Pitchers (1)" by Louise Russell