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"Nilly Gill" Minding Hope Series

"Nilly Gill" Minding Hope Series

"Nilly Gill"
Minding Hope Series
Melinda Finn

Size: 20"x26"
Media: Color Print from Digital Image


Interwoven into the brushstrokes of Nilly’s artworks are bits and pieces of a family history.
Close relatives she never knew perished during the Holocaust in Poland. Her parents escaped to Israel, where she was born and where she began her relationship with artmaking and poetry, creating a world of her own.
After immigrating to New York, she fell in love with a Caribbean musician, had a child – and, pressured by circumstances and her parents, surrendered her child for adoption. Later, she married and had two more children.
Over the years, art-making has remained a constant throughout Nilly’s joys and sorrows. She has survived a serious car accident and the deaths of her first daughter and her second daughter. Recently, she discovered and met her grandson from the daughter she never got to know. Being grateful to connect, she has welcomed him and his family into her life.
Filled with bold shapes and bright colors, Nilly’s artworks reflect a resilience of spirit that acknowledges great loss as well as great wonder and joy.

“Words holding me with unseen hands and eyes, stopping often,
the ordinary and the unexpected keep flashing like stage lights opening worlds within worlds, cultures within cultures. Asking: is it a grain, a dot, or a whole world?
My biographical work does not preach, it aims to weave personal experiences into a universal memory with unanswered questions always budding new, wrapped in hidden stories and color.” -- Nilly Gill April, 2020