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"Jose Espinosa" Minding Hope Series

"Jose Espinosa" Minding Hope Series

"Jose Espinosa"
Minding Hope Series
Melinda Finn

Size: 20"x26"
Media: Color Print from Digital Image


One day when he was nine years old, while walking home from school along with his sister Itzel, Jose was hit by a truck and suffered severe injuries. At the hospital later that day his family was told he may not survive, and that if he did survive, he may never be able to walk or talk. Waking up from a coma several weeks later, Jose began his journey of recovery. Over time, and with therapy, Jose’s physical and mental abilities improved, and he was able to return to school. He graduated from high school in June 2019. While the brain injury continues to affect his life in a variety of ways, he is able to function very well, independently. Jose not only walks and talks, he uses a computer and an iphone, is learning to play piano and guitar, and completed his first college class in December 2019.