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Marie Tartar "Cracks"


At the end of March, we drove to Arizona. We had a week off and planned to hole up at our red rock getaway in Sedona, Arizona. To stay self-contained, we had the car packed with food and everything we could possibly need for a week. The gas station we refueled at had locked the bathroom, so there was no option but to stop at a rest stop en route. This image is the window of a porta john. My husband was quite surprised when I came barreling out of the john only to immediately return to it, with my iPhone in tow. The rifts I see here made me think of how the Covid-19 crisis is revealing the cracks in the facade of our medical care and political systems, as well as the widening societal inequity which threatens to submerge many who now find themselves unemployed.
Marie Tartar "Cracks"