The Photographer’s Eye Collective and Gallery announces

(s)Light of Hand,

a Juried Exhibition of Alternative Photographic Processes


Alternative Process Images courtesy Donna Cosentino©Alternative Process Images courtesy Donna Cosentino©                                                                                                             Alternative Process Images Courtesy Donna Cosentino©


A photograph is a (s)Light of Hand, a magic trick of sort, conjured into being. Light is summoned and chemistry is concocted making visible both the intangible and the corporeal.  It is heart and mind, imagination and craft, melding together into an experience of life-altering alchemy.

We, here at our Collective and Gallery have a deep respect and affection for historic processes. In this call for entries, we wish to celebrate this love for hand-made, photo-based processes and invite you to share your magic-making wizardry in our spellbinding juried show, (s)Light of Hand.

Open to all photographic artists in the U.S. and beyond who practice the one-of-a-kind art making of any alternative photographic process from Albumen to Ziatype. A good resource to see what can be considered is the site’s list of processes:

It is acceptable to use digital tools as a means to an end alternative process result. Also, we will accept any digital or silver print if it has been hand-worked using such things as collage, stitching, weaving, and three dimensional constructions.


Our distinguished juror is Dan Burkholder. Please see his bio below.



  • Call for Entires June 19th, 2020
  • We will receive online work until midnight PST, Friday Aug 14th
  • Juried 16th/17th/18th  and Notification Aug 20th/21st
  • Take in Framed work Wednesday Sept 9th through Sept 12th, at the gallery 11am-5pm daily
  • Mailed/shipped work MUST BE RECEIVED by Saturday Sept 12th during regular business hours
  • Show Install: Sept 13th - Sept 18th
  • Exhibition Dates: Sept 19th - Oct 17th
  • Opening Night: Sept 19th  5:30pm-8:30pm (Dependent on the COVID-19 situation)


SPECIAL HONORS:  A Juror’s Award and a Director’s Award will be given. These two photographers will be honored with a two-person exhibition in our gallery in Fall 2021.


FEE & ENTRY: $35 for the first 5 images and $5 for each additional image up to 10. Please see our directions below for file size and naming. (Look for our PAY and SUBMIT buttons below.)

HOW TO SIZE YOUR IMAGES:  jpegs no more than 2000 pixels on the long side and between 3-5 mb in file size.


HOW TO NAME YOUR IMAGES:  First name-Last name_Title_Process_Image #    If images are not named as described they may be disqualified.

EXAMPLES:  Brian-Jones_Leaf_Cyanotype_1.jpg,     Brian-Jones_Waterwheel_Platinum_2.jpg,     Brian-Jones_Train_Tintype_3.jpg


SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: Create a folder with your first and last name, then place your entries into that folder along with a Word.doc or PDF that lists your art work titles, sizes, and brief description of process(s). Zip files are acceptable. See below for steps to pay and submit your entry.


ELIGIBILITY:  Any photographer age 18 and up who practices alternative photographic processes.


PRESENTATION:  Selected 2-D work must be framed and wired, up to 30” x 30”, presented with high quality professional standards. There is no minimum frame size. For selected 3-D works you may supply your own method of display or we will provide pedestals if necessary. Please include with each delivered piece your name, title, price and contact info. Approx. 30 works will be selected for the exhibition. We reserve the right to refuse to show an accepted and delivered piece if its presentation is not up to our level of quality.


MAIL OR HAND DELIVER:  Framed and wired images are to be delivered to: The Photographer’s Eye Collective and Gallery, 326 E Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025. If mailed please include a prepaid return label. MUST BE RECEIVED by Saturday Sept 12th during regular business hours, 11am-5pm.


SALES:  You may sell your work if you wish during the exhibition and the gallery will take 40%


COPYRIGHT AND USAGE INFO:  Artist retains all rights. Artist whose work is chosen for exhibition grants us permission to use images for promoting the exhibition or our Gallery and its programs. Images may be placed on social media for promotion and features. Artists grant usage as stated without further compensation.


1. Click 'Pay Here' button to submit your entry fee of $35 for up to 5 images and for each additional entry up to 10 for $5 each.

2. Once paid click on the 'Submit Image Folder Here' button to submit your folder.


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           TO OUR EMAIL TO SUBMIT ENTRIES:           

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Dan Burkholder

Photography's Innovator, Artist and Teacher

Photograph by: O. Rufus LovettPhotograph by: O. Rufus Lovett


"Abandoned House on Plain", Colorado by Dan Burkholder"Abandoned House on Plain", Colorado by Dan Burkholder "Jeannette, #1 in a Series" by Dan Burkholder"Jeannette, #1 in a Series" by Dan Burkholder "Stand of Trees, Texas" by Dan Burkholder"Stand of Trees, Texas" by Dan Burkholder Shopkeeper, Ukraine by Dan BurkholderShopkeeper, Ukraine by Dan Burkholder







Dan Burkholder, a Master platinum printer, received both his BA and Master’s Degrees from Brooks Institute of Photography. No stranger to traditional photography, he was a workshop student of Ansel Adams and his mastery of the wet darkroom was highlighted by serving as assistant to both John Sexton and Jerry Uelsmann. In the early 1990’s, he was one of the first photographic artists to embrace digital technology. Originating the digital-negative process in 1992, Dan has helped open doors for all black and white photographers interested in moving into the new electronic technologies. His award-winning book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, is regarded as the most authoritative work in the field. 

By sharing his pivotal methods, Burkholder has become a unique teacher and mentor for thousands of photographers by bridging the worlds of classic photography with the evolving digital era. He continues to forge ahead into new areas of photography, preaching the fine art potential of the Apple iPhone and the smaller micro 4/3 cameras.

His innovations introduced two original darkroom techniques, creating the pigment over platinum print in 2001 and the platinum over gold leaf print in 2007.



ABOUT THE GALLERY:  The Mission of our Collective and Gallery is to provide a location for the exhibition of fine photography by regional photographers and beyond; to make available a darkroom for analog and alternative photography practices; and to create a meeting place for the study, teaching and discussion of the art and craft of photography.

Journey Exhibition: Gallery 1Journey Exhibition: Gallery 1