Owner and operator of, Brandy Sebastian has been in the professional photographic industry over 15 years as a Wedding, Portait and Event Photographer. In 2012 she decided to continue her education at Palomar College. Where she enhanced her skills and knowledge in the photographic arts, graduating with an associates as well as achieving certificates in both Fine Art and Commercial Photography. There her work evolved into an eclectic conversation between “seeing” and “feeling” the image. As Brandy continues her education she anticipates receiving a Bachelors, followed by a Masters degree in photography with hopes of instructing undergraduate courses in alternative process and presentations. Brandy’s work is not a single chord but a symphony of thoughts and ideas that incorporate many styles of photography as well as her out of the box presentation of her work. Currently she is exploring diptychs and the relationship created; how images play off one another through texture, color, light, feeling, and humor. They are an expansion of thoughts beyond what’s visually seen. Additionally, Brandy is in the beginning stages of a very personal project that explores her journey with Endometriosis. Through self portraits, still life and an emphasis on fellow sufferers and their survival with Endo, she hopes to raise awareness for those that endure the debilitating disease.