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Artist Statement

After inheriting a 35mm film camera from my father more than three decades ago, I began to use photography as a medium for creativity and escape. Recently, photography has become essential to helping me strengthen my self-identity through the use of memory. Most recently, my work has featured objects that I have been collecting and traveling with for years, which I have used as muses to connect my past and present. In doing so, I hope to generate dialogue about the objects that have been left behind – their simultaneous capacity to trigger memories in their beholders and to carry their own hidden, independent history along with them.

My background as an architect has helped me to view projects conceptually and with a design focus. I have always enjoyed the balance between the unpredictable experimental nature of alternative darkroom processes and the accessibility of our current digital technology. In that vein, I enjoy incorporating late 18th century printing techniques with digital processes to weave the past together with the present.

Emily Kim

"Wildcat Hill 1""Wildcat Hill""Memory""Broom""Dress""Street Photography""Lightbulbs""Ties That Bind, What Remains 1""Ties That Bind, What Remains 2"